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  • Jenna Willis

Coffee Addict?

To drink or not to drink COFFEE?

Let's just start off by being open and honest. I'm an AVID coffee drinker so this news makes me VERY HAPPY!

NEWS FLASH: coffee repairs DNA

Coffee's been shown to increase lifespan most likely because of its protective effect on DNA

The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that drinking 500 ml of freshly brewed, dark roast coffee every day for 4 weeks resulted in a 23 % reduction in DNA "strand breaks"

Our cells can experience as many as 1,000,000 DNA changes a day! Unrepaired these changes can result in mutations & possibly disease. Our body naturally repairs a lot of this damage however; it could always use some help. That's why it seems smart to consider drinking about 16 ounces of dark roast coffee per day to protect DNA integrity. 

Keep that DNA protection going & continue that morning coffee bliss ; ) 

References 1. T-Nation 

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