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Exercises You'll Love: KettlebellP2

Now that you've started bringing kettlebell's into your workouts, it's time for the next step. ENDURANCE ALL DAY. The shape of the kettlebell allows for explosive movements. Like slamming a car door shut with you butt. That gets that heart rate going. Get your cardio while you lift! Just remember your S's. Variations of: Swings Squats Snatches Sling Shots All these moves are ballistic movements for the body that simultaneously build strength and endurance. HOW TO: SWINGS: SQUATS: SNATCH: SLING:


Know that you are part of a community, Jenna's FitFriends. I am here with you to encourage positive change in a healthy way, as part of a community of motivated and active people. Whether it's further customizing a plan for you, joining my Don't Sweat It Alone healthy living program, getting involved in our Skype training sessions, or coming in-person to train with me LIVE, I got your back.

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