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Core Galore

KETTLEBELL PART 3/6 Now that we've got ourselves swinging, it's time for... Core Galore Close your eyes for a second and imagine an ab workout....What do you see? Crunches? Bicycles? You think of exercises that only involve moving your stomach. Fact is, a lot of full body movements work your abs just as much as isolating them. Kettlebells, in particular, force you to incorporate your mid-section while holding, and performing exercises with them so you're burning and working that much more, sex-ifying your core....I think I just made that word up? Bye bye crunches. Hello Kettlebells and abs.


Know that you are part of a community, Jenna's FitFriends. I am here with you to encourage positive change in a healthy way, as part of a community of motivated and active people. Whether it's further customizing a plan for you, joining my Don't Sweat It Alone fitness and healthy living program with an incredible supportive community, getting involved in our Skype training sessions, or coming in-person to train with me LIVE, I got your back.

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