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Drink More Water

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

I feel like I try to communicate to people how important drinking water is, and it is something I personally lag in as well!

So, here's an article that really got me listening!

"Drinking three litres of water a day took TEN YEARS off my face: Sarah, 42, was hoping to solve her headaches and poor digestion... just look what else happened" 

Week One

Weight: 8st 7lb

Waist: 28in

Week Two Weight: 8st 6lb (lost a pound)

Waist: 28in

Week Three

Weight: 8st 6lb

Waist: 27.5in (lost half an inch)

Week Four

Weight: 8st 5lb (lost another 1lb)

Waist: 27in (another half an inch)

So why hydrate? Weight loss Improved Skin No More Headaches Improved Digestion No more false appetite Cellulite loss.... 

Check out full article below 

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