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  • Jenna Willis

Edit YOUR Food. Don't Starve

Gonna be real straight forward this week and help a lot of people out. 

Are you trying to lose weight? Put yourself in a caloric deficit.

Take in less calories than you burn. Creating a negative energy balance in your body forces it to turn to its energy savings AKA BODY FAT to make up for the deficit, and acquire the energy it needs to keep functioning. 

I also want to make it clear that this does NOT mean starve yourself.

Have you ever been on a weight loss journey and lowered your caloric intake SO MUCH and wondered WHY am I NOT losing these last 10 lbs?  Changing your diet that quickly, & making inconsistent choices (or under eating significantly) triggers your body and puts it into STARVATION MODE. Your body is literally HOARDING onto fat to PROTECT itself against the irregular nutritional distress. 

Fuel your body in the right ways, don't deprive it of all it needs!

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