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Kettlebell Love P1

6 Part Series On Why You Should Love Kettlebells: 

That's right. 6 weeks, 6 reasons to help you motivate and embrace that love-hate relationship with your body's best friend.


The blessing and curse of a kettlebell is the center of gravity. Yeah, it's actually NOT in the center - so your body has to work a LOT harder. Not only that, but it has to work MORE muscles. Say it with me now,


A kettlebell forces your body to STABILIZE the weight, which means MORE core engagement, more overall gains, more calories burned. More muscles you forgot you had working overtime because they don't get worked the way they do with a kettlebell. Don't leave the little guys out!

Try hitting kettlebell (goblet) squats instead of dumbbell this squats this week and slowly incorporate them into your workouts.  You won't be disappointed


Know that you are part of a community, Jenna's FitFriends. I am here with you to encourage positive change in a healthy way, as part of a community of motivated and active people. Whether it's further customizing a plan for you, joining my Don't Sweat It Alone healthy living program, getting involved in our Skype training sessions,

or coming in-person to train with me LIVE, I got your back.

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