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Got A Sweet Tooth?

Got that Sweet Tooth?

When it comes to using sweeteners, try monk fruit or Stevia. 

Other sweeteners according to scientific research have mixed results as to whether they are harmful to your health, such as leading to weight gain or stalling weight loss, in addition to more serious health issues like cancer or disease.

Anything genetically modified or artificially produced generally is not fully supported by the body.

Though our systems can learn to adapt to almost anything we put in it, our machine is not being allowed to function at its best, as impure ingredients are impure fuel sources. 

Overall, I recommend avoiding ALL artificial sweeteners if possible, however, if going to include it  in your daily intake, limit it to 2-3 packets a day.

DON'T FORGET: Diet sodas + drinks also include these. Sugar free gum also contains this, so if can limit to 1-2 pieces a day.

So, be sweet to yourself ; )

Help of Dr. Hilary Holets, PhD, MBA 

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