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  • Jenna Willis

How To Work More Efficiently

Just a little reminder of why we should keep moving; Literally !

When we propel our bodies into active movement, we enhance the quality of our lives both physically and spiritually. 

According to The Harvard Business Review, Studies indicate that mental power is directly related to physical activity. On days the business work-force attended the gym, it was found that their cognitive skills were greatly enhanced. Workers were noticeably more productive while the social interactions with their colleagues were stable and tranquil. More importantly, when they went home at the end of the day, they experienced a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. 

So what does this mean?

Exercise facilitates are ability to receive more information, work more efficiently and be more productive. We don’t even have to mention the sublime feelings of gratification , fulfillment and reward we experience after a period of sustained exercise, but I guess I just did!

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