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  • Jenna Willis

Is it 'Gains' Time?!

When it comes to pre-workout nutrition, TIMING is CRUCIAL.

Looking to get some extra energy 20 minutes before the gym with a quick bite? HOLD UP.

Timothy Ferris implemented a SEVEN sensor continuous glucose monitor for his blood, sampling on a consistent basis. The results were ASTOUNDING.

Food and liquids took MUCH longer than he expected, in most cases, peaking between one 1:30 and 2 HOURS after eating!!

That protein shake you were hoping would fuel up your muscles FOR the workout, is probably hitting in the 30 minute window AFTER your workout to help repair the damage done DURING your workout.

If you want to fuel your body with the resources for a harder workout, make sure you’re getting in those proteins and complex carbs about 2-4 HOURS before you hit the gym, and maximize your time there!

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