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  • Jenna Willis

Set? Rep?English Please!

I realize I send out emails every week with a bunch of fitness jargon.

What does all this mean?!?! I forget in this world of fitness certain terms that are second hand to me, aren't to everyone else.  It would be like me trying to understand German. 

If you're trying to follow a program, or just starting on your fitness journey for the New Year, here are some important terms for you to get to know and will absolutely help you. 

Circuit: Fast paced exercises performed back to back without a break (normally 3 or more exercises in a row)

Reps: Repetitions. The number of times you perform a certain exercise

Sets: The number of cycles of the repetitions you complete 

Superset: A set which includes another set back to back. Back to back exercises with no break in-between 

Posterior Chain: The group of muscles that make up the back side of your body 

Anterior Chain: The group of muscles that make up the front side of your body

HIIT: High-intensity Interval Training 

Strength Training: Exercise specializing in the use of resistance to induce muscular contraction, which builds strength

The inside scoop to the fitness terminology!!

Danke dir & genießen ; ) 

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