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  • Jenna Willis

Top Home Exercise?

Tired of the Same Old Pushup?

Here is a list of alternative pushup exercises to keep you pushin ; )

Diamond Pushup: Hands placed under your chest and make them into a diamond shape (targets your triceps more)

*If this is too hard feel free to go to your knees

Wrist Pushup: Place your knees on the ground and position the backs of your hands on the ground with your fingers pointing inwards (strengthens wrists) 

Finger Pushup: Pushup position but instead of supporting yourself on your palms, raise yourself to your fingertips to perform (build hand and finger strength) 

Wide Grip Pushup: Start in pushup position and then move your hands as wide apart as possible (targets more chest muscles)

Wall Pushup: Face away from a wall and place your feet at the bottom of the wall and with your arms locked out walk your feet up the wall until they are the same height as your shoulders (targets your deltoids more)

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