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  • Jenna Willis

What's your Grip?

Updated: Jun 24, 2019


A lot of people ask why I hold a barbell the way that I do while performing a deadlift

Well, let's break it down. 

There are a few ways to hold a barbell 

1. Overhand Grip (Hands are pronated) 2. Supinated Grip (Hands are supinated) 3. Mixed (Flip) Grip 4. Hook (Olympic) Grip 

The first two grips are correlated to a more basic/starter grip, the overhand & supinated. Both of these are a great way to hold a barbell while doing a deadlift especially when starting off.

So why the other two?

The Mixed (my grip of choice) & hook grip allow for a heavier lift load

The Mixed Grip is great when grip becomes a limiting factor as the bar rolls out of one hand and falls into the other as well as the hook grip in which you trap your thumb between the bar and your first few fingers.  

Give these all a try and see which you feel best using.

Which is your grip ; ) 

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