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  • Jenna Willis

Your weight loss journey Was going great. until now.

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

So you've hit a plateau?

You're on a weight loss journey & it's been going great. Until now... 

1. Change Your Calorie Intake

You may have started your journey with a target calorie intake. Now you're down 20lbs. Re-adjust your calorie intake to match your current bodies needs for weight loss.

2. Clean It Out

Those processed foods that used to cut it, just won't do it anymore. Fill your calories with whole foods, such as lean proteins, veggies, & maybe some berries. 

3. Switch Up Your Routine

Just like anything, your body adapts to your workouts. You been on the same routine since you began kicking booty? Switch it up. Take a new class, hit the stair master instead of the treadmill, or find variety in your strength routine.

3. Stop Nibbling 

 No, do not take a bite of your kids chicken nuggets! These calories, while you've convinced yourself they do not, add up! 

4. Sleep

Get it. When you aren't getting a full nights rest your body depends that much more on food as a source of fuel along with your hormones going haywire.Sleep allows your hormones to reset, which is also essential to weight loss. Lack of sleep can cause elevated cortisol levels due to stress which is also a result of weight gain. 

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