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  • Jenna Willis

Can't Sleep?

Feeling stressed & can't sleep at night?

Try 5 minutes of breath counting mediation & sleep like a baby

Assume the same physical posture as meditation. Seated, or laying flat. Engage normal abdominal breathing and inhale. Do not force or exaggerate your breathing (just continue as normal). Pause. Exhale and at the very end of your out-breath, mentally count, "One." Again, inhale, pause, exhale, and then at the end of your out-breath mentally count, "Two." Continue this process up to ten and then start back at one again. Do not count down backwards (so start back at one again). Continue this process until your timer goes off. Slowly open your eyes and bring your awareness back to your body.

Meditation has become a close friend over mine this past year and has helped me through a lot of hectic situations and has

allowed me to take the time to tackle them accordingly. 

Join me in this one. I promise you, it will be your buddy too! 

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