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  • Jenna Willis

Music Motivation

When it comes to working out, we all need all the #motivation we can get. Whatever can help us maximize our time and efforts in the gym are always a good idea! And while we all know a good workout playlist can help you motivate initially, it’s actually more important than you think.

Your favorite songs can actually work as pain relievers, release extra endorphins, extend your endurance, and even help increase the speed and intensity of your body’s workout. The music physically and chemically helps your body push through the pain, and even drives you to subconsciously push harder than you would without it!

It even effects your brain during the workout in ways that can help you with your more grueling sets, as your neurons can synchronize to the beat and help you stay on track and keep up with your more repetitive motions and circuits. 

So, what are you listening to?

Time to up the beats, find a cohesive list of distracting jams you love (yes, the distraction LITERALLY helps your workout!) and get going!

Here's a few from my list to get you started:

1. Remember the Name: Ed Sheeran & Eminem 2. Say Yeah: Troyboi 3. Yo No Me Enamoro: Dalex 4. Born For Greatness: Papa Roach 5. Truth Hurts: Lizza 6. You Need To Calm Down: Taylor Swift 

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