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No Fear

THIS WEEK: Fun Fact to get YOU GOING!

A lot of women are scared to start weight training because they're afraid to bulk up however; you can't get a toned and tight body without lifting weights. It's true. Resistance training adds muscle which speeds up your metabolism and allows you to burn more....for longer! 

Don't have time to get to the gym? That's okay! Grab some 5lb or 10lb weights & put them to use for an at home program. I promise, you won't regret it. Except for the burn you are about to feel : )

A few of my favorite exercises that can be done home with your new weights?


Romanian Dead Lift (RDL)

 -Begin in a standing position with a dumbbell in each hand. Start the movement by flexing your hips, slowly pushing your butt as far back as you can which should generate tension in your hamstrings. When your hips cannot perform any further backward movement, pause, and then slowly return to the starting position by extending the hips.

2. Dumb Bell (DB) Bent Over (BO) Row -With a dumbbell in each hand (palms facing your torso), bend your knees slightly and bring your torso forward by bending at the waist; as you bend make sure to keep your back straight until it is almost parallel to the floor. While keeping the torso stationary, lift the dumbbells to your side keeping the elbows close to the body. On the top contracted position, squeeze the back muscles and hold for a second. Lower weights back down to starting position


Split stance-overhead press

- Standing in a split position. Start with dumbbells resting on your shoulders. Press dumbbells towards ceiling remaining in split stance and keeping your core engaged. Bring weights back down to shoulder position. 

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